About us

MLAdvisory is a strategy consulting firm created in Paris in 2013 and focusing on the agendas of top banking and FinTech executives, advising them on the application of major long-term decisions linked with upcoming regulatory changes.


At MLAdvisory, we believe that a niche speciality is a pure strategy in the sense of advising clients on creating and sustaining competitive advantage. Our regulatory specialists are focusing on a small number of highly strategic regulatory matters where the synergies between risk and finance functions and data are high.


For each topic, our specialists invest 15% of their time to keep improving their specific knowledge, by participating to conferences (as speaker or attendees) and by travelling across Europe to understand the best practice. This conviction allows our regulatory specialists to assess the broader impacts of upcoming regulatory change: from governance to data synergies and business models impacts.


In 2014, MLAdvisory opened an office in Madrid and London and another one in Frankfurt in 2015. With this strategic move, MLAdvisory will better address its historical clients’ needs and broaden its European regulatory knowledge.


At MLAdvisory, we strongly believe that our success is our team. As a result, we have built a collaborative process where

  •  All team members are taking part of the day-to-day business development and decisions
  •  Regulatory knowledge-sharing within the team
  •  Key Performance Indicators of the company are shared internally and remuneration is partly based on a profit sharing scheme for all employees.

What our clients say

"Excellent coverage of a very broad topic. Engaging and useful at all levels"

Feedback from a Global Bank received after a 2 days Regulatory reporting training provided by MLAdvisory to 10+ Banks in London (November 2015).

"MLAdvisory ' s expertise allows us to facilitate the ifrs 9 change by bridging accounting and regulatory data and process"

Natixis - France

"A team of experts bringing market practice and benchmark on strategic regulatory matters"

BBVA – Spain

"MLAdvisory is able to link highly technical regulatory topics with strategy in order to better assess the business impacts"